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The Company
Golden Kemuning Industries Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 8 mei 1999 under the 1965 company act to conduct
or carry out all business related to:

• Aluminium (Alloy) processing
• Aluminium ingot manufacturing
• Aluminium recycling
• Copper recycling
• Import and Export of non-ferrous metal
• Buying, selling and dealing in aluminium, tin, iron and other metals.

With its extensive experience in aluminium, metals, cables and wires recycling, Golden Kemuning Industries Sdn Bhd is confident of meeting all it’s customers demands and requirement.
As part of our continuous effort to strive for quality products and services, our quality control system has already complied with international standard. Our Stringent quality control measure will ensure that all our products not only fulfill our client’s requirements but also surpass their expectations.

Aluminium has gained wide acceptance over the last year in both industrial and domestic applications. With the expected improvement in our country’s economic performance this year, the aluminium industry is expected to grow further in terms of conventional usage and new applications. In view of the growing demand, we have invested substantially on R&D in order to expand our product range and create new applications.

With the unwavering support of its client and dedicated employees, Golden Kemuning Industries Sdn Bhd is poised to become one of the leading aluminium industry in the region.